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Volumes Description In Rhyme


Lyrics Poems Songs Affirmations

Is a Reflection of Life Love and Inspirations

Is a gift of life from above

A journey with and without love

Throughout life’s experience

Of learning to choose preferences

With all of life’s many dealings

And all the emotions and feelings

The height and exhilaration

Of falling and being in love

The love of first sight anticipation

Of making a match like a pair of gloves

Also the Heartbreaks the depths of despair

With depression, the perseverance to overcome

The hurt, pain, loneliness, isolation, no one to care

And the pursuit for balance in life and love won


The affirmations to awaken

Was to help the shaking

Of that which was taken?

When one is left forsaken

Some affirmations of awakenings

Expressed as best as possible to be heard

Hopefully it is not mistaken

So they are now written as words

Each Lyrics Poems Songs Affirmation

Could be like a short story fiction or true

And not to take anything away in comparison

Of emotions and feelings anyone has gone through

Or anyone may go through in life when reading

Any of the Lyrics Poems Songs Affirmations

And put them in any order of leading

To make an extended story of imagination


In these Lyrics Poems Songs Affirmations,

Maybe you will find something worthwhile

In most of them, peace and comfort, and realization

We are not alone, not even a child

To whom needs it give help and comfort?

When you need it ask help and comfort

We are all from the universal seed of life

So we should take help when there is strife

Everyone may see a different view

In whatever they read, see hear, or feel,

And each version could be true

Life sometimes hands out a hard deal

And whatever it is you have gone through

Are going through, in life, or will go through

It can be difficult, try and let it make you stronger,

And we can all help each other become stronger.




Volumes Description In Rhyme


Contemplations of Life Love & Inspirations,

Lyrics Poems Songs Affirmations

It is thought affirmations are meant

To emanate the positive intent,

And certain ones of awareness and caution,

Parts can be combined from other portions

It may depend on how it is interpreted or perceived

Or however and in what way it is believed

The life mixed group is of different ones

Part of the early works that were done

You have a free spirit when you are young

You want to enjoy life and have fun

You have so many thoughts and dreams

As you grow, life is not as it seems

Some go one way some go another

Some strive ahead some do not bother


Love is special when you find it at all,

Best to cherish it, walk proud, and don’t fall

You are filled with so much wonder

You forget about your past blunders

It makes you feel so amazing

It feels almost hair-raising

Love can give inspiration

Or it feels like palpation

You have your dreams and desires

At times, you feel like you are on fire

With your eyes you are drawn together

You want it to last forever

In your true lovers arms

You feel the warmth of her charms

Remember to always be true

Stay together through and through


Heartbreaks you can let go

When love does not work

Then to put on a show

And continue getting hurt

For if the other does not care

Well it is not going to go anywhere

If anyone can comment

Why stay around the torment

There is the matter of being mean

And the times of creating a scene

It is never any good or of any use

Even for a while when there is a truce

When there is no hope to stay around

And there is no gaining any ground

There has to be a better place to find

There is always someone who is kind


Text Copyright 2012 © Antonio [Farlbeau] Falbo


Thank You

Antonio [Farlbeau] Falbo

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