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Reflections of Life Love and Inspirations, Lyrics Poems Songs Affirmations, is a journey throughout life, a collection of experiences and inspirations, the emotions and feelings, the heights and exhilaration of falling and being in love.

Also the heartbreaks, the depths and the despair with depression, the perseverance to recover and overcome the hurt and pain of loneliness and isolation, and then, The pursuit for balance in life and love, Some affirmations of awakenings, Put in writing as best as possible.
Consider each Lyrics Poems Songs Affirmation like a short story, and not to take anything away from the emotions and feelings anyone may go through, or has gone through in life, when reading any of the Lyrics Poems Songs Affirmations, and put them in any order to make an extended story.




VOLUME 1, 2, & 3_[OPPT] CHAPTER 1, 4, &, 7_[OPPT]

I had the inspiration in 2009 to write the original four verses number one, “Others are a reflection”, it was intended as a poster, ever since then, I changed it to Reflections of life, and I have added to them to make sixteen in Volume-1, sixteen in Volume-2, and sixteen in Volume-3.

Up until 20 June 2013, 1 to 32, in Volume 1, and Volume 2, comprised of 4 lines of 4 Verses for each Title, I then felt the urge to re edit them and add an extra 4 lines to each Title, I did a few at a time, and spent about 30 minutes on each Title to finish for the next update upload.
That is the reason for the title that inspired and encouraged me to put it all together.



VOLUME 1, 2, & 3_[OPPT] Chapter 2, 5, &, 8_[OPPT]

It speaks for itself, being faithful to each other is very important, and whatever you do against someone else, you hurt the other person and you also hurt yourself, there are many different views and sayings about that.



VOLUME 1, 2, & 3_[OPPT] Chapter 3, 6, &, 9_[OPPT]

That is the other side of the experience, having heartbreaks, and I suppose we have all had them, at some time or another, it is hard to avoid, as it is part of living life.




When I wrote number one, “Reflections” [2009] as it was then, it was intended as a poster, it has been added to, as previously mentioned, and they are still suitable as posters.
To keep within the similar layout as the Two Page Titles, they are now being presented as
One Page Paired Titles, [OPPT] to fit on two A4 size paper, or as horizontal landscape,
On an A3, size paper or larger.
 As it is in the Series Two Page Titles, Contemplation Volume-1_TPST, they do not fit properly on an A4 size sheet of paper, so they are set out and presented on Two Pages Each Title, of A4 size paper,
Or as horizontal landscape, on an A3 size paper or larger.



The Reflections of Life Volume 1 Chapter 1 Volume 2 Chapter 4 and Volume 3 Chapter 7 started out to be posters, or Affirmations, and there are others throughout the Volumes suitable as well.
Affirmations are meant to emanate the positive intent, even any part, or sections, and combinations, and certain ones that point to awareness and caution, and it may depend on how it is perceived or interpreted.



Inspirations can come all at once, or it can be over time.



There is some similarity in some of the lines and themes, with a variation.



As in any other lyrics Poems or songs that are written, some phrasing may imply or is directed at certain genders, but the same can be so, in reverse, Vice Versa.




There was a time, with respect and politeness, I would inquire and ask persons with music ability to help me put the music to the lyrics, but they were too busy, did not have the time, were not interested, or were not their style.
If lyrics have not been put to music, it is difficult to proceed to the next step. Lyrics and music go together, but Excellence is the Difference in Music, as in anything else.
That is why now, there are a few of the ones I wrote that I would like to reserve the privilege to contribute and have a say on the music. I have a feeling for the music, and I feel it requires a musician who believes in the writing of the lyrics they are putting the music to.
Lyrics Poems songs writing is best when complimented when and if the right music is put with it, I suppose someone in the music industry is thinking and is going to say I don’t know what I am talking about, even if I don’t, why does certain music and the words that are with it for that matter, get you to take notice, and yes the way it is produced and performed, and who performs it has a lot to do with it.
I don’t know if I had the music ability strong in myself, and I might have lost the connection and focus with the accidents I have had, and although it would be suitable to do my favourite ones in different styles, at the time of writing them, I did and do have a feel for each one for its own particular expression.




Some people may find faults with the English language set out of phrasing, but could you please keep in mind where the “Lyrics Poems Songs” are concerned the context in the way it is written, the subject matter it is intended and written for.
As much as I have tried to keep the English language as correctly as possible, I tried my best to avoid taking liberties, as has been done when producing songs, which incidentally are some of the ones that achieved huge success, in comparison to the original set out ones with proper English phrasing that has not.
It seems I may not have used correctly the Hyphen, Dash, Ens, and Ems. The reason I have used them in the way I have, for the most part, to give separation, and distinguish spacing, also at times it kept coming up as slightly different sizes, I tried correcting them, it only worked sometimes, I even tried controlling how slow or fast I pressed the keys, anyway, I hope it is acceptable.




Clip Art as already mentioned in dedications. Reflections Chapter as already mentioned was started in 2009, but it was in 2012, when I came across images of Lakes and Mountains with Reflections that appealed to me, I was so impressed, I decided to use that into my theme, so I looked until I found what I could use.
I would like to thank the photographers who put their images in the Public Domain, Creative Commons. There were other images I was going to use that stated that were public domain, creative commons, they were on other websites for sale, so I did not.
Some websites that images can be licensed from, the images are reserved managed, but at a cost per year, per image, plus sales count, excellent selections on offer, most sites are challenging to follow the License Terms of Use. Eventually I came across Photographers Pictures on website, I found easier to understand. As of 5th November 2019 will be Adobe Stock.
Then I had to consider, all the years, all the photographers, all the seasons, all the different times, all the hard work, sometimes in isolated situations, taking similar photographs with enhancements, from all those different angles, all the effort and work that everyone has put in and continues to put in.
Then the touch ups in the studio and on computers. I gather with all that effort, it contributes to the costs and why certain special images are in a higher price range.
Anyway, I appreciate the beauty you all capture, that otherwise others and I may never get to see.
Thanks to everyone involved.

All contributors at the end of the book




About May 2012, I started to put together, what is now in the Book Volumes 1, 2 & 3,
One Page Paired Titles.
A considerable amount of the work in Volume 1 and Volume 2 has been written in 2012, since 2009, seventy-two of the One Page Paired Titles, of the actual ninety-six One Page Paired Titles in Volume 1 & 2.
Volume 3 has been put together in 2013, 48 One Page Paired Titles.
The present Volume 3, now in the Reflections [OPPT] series was originally going to be Volume 4, but as it was more in line with the style of One Page Paired Titles, it seemed fitting to make the exchange with the previous Volume 3, which are Two Page Same Titles, and has been separated and renamed as shown below.




Thank you
Antonio [Farlbeau] Falbo






Pixabay - waterfall-918958







Contemplation of Life Love & Inspirations, are my early compilations; of Lyrics Poems Songs Affirmations.
Affirmations are meant to emanate the positive intent, even any part, or sections, and combinations, and also certain ones that point to awareness and caution, and it may depend on how it is perceived or interpreted.


Chapter 1-TPST, Chapter 2-TPST Chapter 3-TPST.

 Takes up Two Pages for each Title, as they do not really fit properly on an A4 one page; they are therefore set out over two pages.


INSPIRED [Two Page Titles]: In Volume 1 Chapter 2-TPST, LOVE:

Number 13-14 © I Love you with my eyes 1 & 2
And Number 15-16 © Twin Spirit Souls 1 & 2
I was inspired to write these at the time I read the book. I have reason to believe, I traced it back to ancient times, and unless someone has exclusive copyrights to some of the certain few words used, I have put them in this collection, after replies from two registered posts and replies from a few emails, I kept being referred on,  the last emails, there was No reply.



CONTEMPLATION: Vol. 1, 2, & 3-TPST Chapter 1, 4, & 7-TPST

Contemplation of Life Love & Inspirations, Lyrics Poems Songs Affirmations

It is thought affirmations are meant to emanate the intent to be positive

And certain ones of awareness, parts can be combined from other portions

It can depend on interpretation and perception

The life mixed group is of different ones part of the early works

When you are young you have a free spirit and love enjoying life

You have so many thoughts and dreams as you are growing

It is good to plan for your life ahead


LOVE: Vol. 1, 2, & 3-TPST Chapter 2, 5, & 8-TPST

Love is special when you find it, best to cherish it, walk proud, and true

You are filled with so much wonder and feelings

You forget about your past and enjoy the moments you share

Love can be so empowering, yet enslaved by its touch

You have dreams and desires and empty without each other

With your eyes you are drawn towards each other

In your true lovers arms You feel the warmth and comfort

Remember to always be true and together to always stay


HEARTBREAKS: Vol. 1, 2, & 3-TPST Chapter 3, 6, & 9-TPST

you can let go when love does not work

Then to put on a show and continue getting hurt

For if the other does not feel the same well is it going to go anywhere

When your friends do comment do you consider is it worthwhile

There is the matter of being mean and the times of being left alone

It is never any good or of any use even for a while when there is an apology

If there is no hope to stay around and is there going to be any change

There has to be a better place to be or go, than putting up with what you know




About May 2012, I started to put together, what is in the Book Volume 1-TPST [Two Page Same Titles].
Volume 1_TPST consists of the early-recovered works, as they do not really fit properly on an A4 One page; therefore, each of the Titles are set out over Two Pages, makes 48 pages.
 The exception is Number one, Chapter one “CONTEMPLATION OF LIFE”, I had the Inspiration to write it the first week of August 2013, and I felt it should be put as the title in this Volume of Two Page Titles, [and the series].
Towards the end of 2015, I continued work on the Contemplation Volume 2_TPST, which was completed and published on 19 September 2016.
Contemplation Volume 3, Two Page Same Titles, is continuing to be worked on to be finished, and when completed will be published.



Sometimes the reading in a book might be skipped to various points, it is also as a reference to continue what a subject matter is about, so as to assist in being clear, and to help make sense.
Antonio [Farlbeau] Falbo
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