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Antonio Falbo

What I have put down in writing, a time came, when for the most part I turned whatever happened that was negative, into the positive.
To a Lesser or Greater Degree Negative or Positive things happen in a person’s life, and mine is no exception.
What I have written is covered in and about my life, in a matter of speaking, in the Lyrics  Poems Songs & Affirmations.
To go into detail about all sorts of accidents since a child, operations, hospitalization, and an assorted cases of sickness, abdominal pains and severe migraine most of my life, as I am sure a lot of people go through, at least some of it themselves in life.
I just persevered looking for answers and relief, anyway to put that all in here would take a book, just to make one comment, about the answers I found, it was to focus on the positive aspect.
Following below is some thoughts from the volumes.

Thank You
Antonio [Farlbeau] Falbo​


Verse 1
To a lesser or greater degree
Everyone has things happen to them
And when you become aware and see
Wait it out or challenge the problem
Verse 2
It is unavoidable it is part of life
It is part of the struggle at length
We have it in ourselves to survive
And so we shall with great strength
It is best to learn to appreciate
What you achieve and find
And make your destiny and fate
To leave your negatives behind
Verse 3
Look for good that is what appears
To make your life more complete
Look for bad, that ends up in tears
And with it also follows defeat
Verse 4
For the spirit that is in us after all
Is what connects us like a family bond?
Whether you walk humble or proud and tall
It is said the pure go to the great beyond


Text Copyright 2012 - Antonio Falbo © 



The writings started about 1960 of what is in the collection Contemplations of Life Love and Inspirations, Lyrics Poems Songs and Affirmations, Volumes.
Also Reflections of Life Love and Inspirations, Lyrics Poems Songs and Affirmations, Volumes.
I have been writing on and off as idea`s came to me, sometimes at the most awkward moments driving, and I could not put them in writing, and later I could not remember them.
In addition, some of the material I have written has been misplaced or lost. Although since 2009 to 20th November 2012, I have written seventy two of the titles, most of them in 2012, the rest since I was a youth, seventy two of what I have been able to recover.
I used to stop writing for a while, then I came across the opportunity to have them published with Amazon, and so I extend my sincere thanks to Amazon.
I have tried several times over the years to have music put to the lyrics, it is best to have the music to the lyrics, to proceed to the next step, but it never happened.
Lyrics and music go together, but Excellence is the Difference in Music, as in anything else, I have a feeling for the music, and I feel it requires a musician who believes in the writing of the lyrics they are putting the music to.
In Addition, I have wanted to present the Lyrics Poems Songs and Affirmations, with Photo Images with the Text, as Volumes, and as posters.
I also tested myself to see if I could put different lyrics, to music, or lyrics to instrumentals, I had tried to get permission for it years ago.
What happened recently, and I emphasis, I was not asked to do it, the persons concerned wanted to keep the purity of the instrumentals melody, of what it was about, and I respected that, and I realized they were right, it seems it might be better to leave that alone.


Thank You
Antonio [Farlbeau] Falbo

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